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Don't just drive, drive smarter with Eclipse installed Escort radar and laser jammers.

Why Eclipse? We go the extra mile for a clean and professional installation. No mess or bundles of wires, sleek and hidden components, your vehicle will look like it was never touched. We only carry the very best in radar detection with Escort and we offer custom installation for your vehicle. When you buy from us, you know you're getting a quality product you can rely on. Why are we so confident in Escort? It's the only product we trust to install in our own vehicles.

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How do Radars Work?

A radar detector works like a radio tuned to microwave frequencies. Radar detectors help to protect against all the frequency bands used by all traffic radar in the U.S. — X band, K band, Ka Band, which includes photo. Radar detectors can be so sensitive, it can easily find radar from the scattering of the beam, and it can find these scatters a long time before the actual beam hits your car.

The principle on which radar operates is absolutely reliable. Radar equipment, on the other hand, is only as good as the quality of its design and manufacture. Traffic radars tend to be unreliable. They’re cheaply made and therefore vulnerable to many interferences that cause false readings. And, compared to the military and weather radar which have rotating antennas, traffic radars are vastly simplified.

This simplification means that traffic radar cannot tell one car from another. The operator has to do that, and since the operator can’t see an invisible beam any better than you can, he frequently doesn’t know which vehicle’s speed is being read. This is a source of many undeserved tickets.

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